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Amelanchier grandiflora Berberis thun. atro. ‘Concorde’ ‘Princess Diana’ Concorde Barberry 3-5’ tall 15-24” wide Princess Diana Serviceberry Slower and more compact growing 20’ tall 15’ wide than Crimson Pygmy. The deep red A gracefully spreading small tree with purple foliage hold their color excellent fall color. Fall foliage is spec- throughout the hear of the summer. tacular, coloring early and lasting late in the season. 3 4 Amelanchier ‘Cumulus’, ‘Spring Flurry’ Berberis thun. ‘Admiration’ PP#16921 & ‘Rainbow Pillar’ Admiration Barberry 3-5’ tall 15-24” wide Cumulus 25’ tall 15’ wide Compact rounded habit, with vibrant An upright oval form with dark flaming coral-red foliage with vibrant green summer foliage. flaming coral-red foliage with bright Spring Flurry 28’ tall 20’ wide golden yellow leaf margins.. A dominant central leader supports strongly upward branches. Rainbow Pillar 15-20’ tall 8-10’ wide Has dense, upright and symmetrical growth. 5 5 Aronia arbutifolia ‘Brilliantissima’ Berberis thunbergii atropurpurea ‘Nana’ Brilliant Red Chokeberry 6-8’tall 6’wide Crimson Pygmy Barberry 2-3’ tall 3’ wide Abundant white flowers in spring fol- Dwarf plant with bright reddish-purple lowed by clusters of red fruit in fall. foliage. Ideal for low maintenance thorny Foliage is lustrous green turning bril- hedge. liant red in fall. Excellent for border or massing, creating a sea of red in fall and winter. Native. 4 4 Aronia melanocarpa ‘Autumn Magic’ Berberis thun. ‘Gold Rush’ Autumn Magic Black Chokeberry Gold Rush Barberry 18” tall 36” wide 6-8’tall 6’wide Outstanding new dwarf compact gold- A small shrub with glossy-green foliage en pygmy selection. It’s vivid yellow that turns a brilliant red and purple in color is not effected by the lack of sun- the fall. White flowers n spring, fol- light. Produces bright-red fruit in the lowed by lustrous black fruits in autumn. fall. Suckering freely. NATIVE 3 4 Azalea Berberis thun. ‘Rosy Glow’ Evergreen Rosy Glow Barberry 3-4’ tall 3’ wide Delaware Valley White –White-5’tall 4’ The older maroon foliage is accented wide by the newer foliage which takes on Girard’s Rose-Red-4’tall 3’ wide hues of pink, creating a rose-red aura Karen-Double Lavender-4’ tall 4’ wide over the plant. Rosebud-Double Pink-3’ tall 3’ wide Tradition-Pink-3’ tall 4’ wide 4 4 4
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